Streamline your paperwork process with digital records and same day billing


Optimize compaction rates, increase capacity and extend landfill life


Real-time identification and inventory of railcars


Manage transactions, security and auditing from the cloud. No more missing, illegible or fraudulent tickets

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Access delivery records and E-BOL's from anywhere with the FR8 Cloud


Reduces repetitive manual tasks and enable a new level of shipment administration

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Find out how FR8Works streamlines your shipping admin
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FR8Works began with what we learned over 40 years moving industrial bulk materials.

Many sites have no option for installing infrastructure or staff, but still require access and monitoring of the resources.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution allows us to connect hardware on your site to our new and revolutionary cloud application.

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It all starts with a shipping request. Someone needs a truck to pick up a load and deliver it. They connect with their shipper to make that happen.
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It’s a simple process for a shipment administrator to use the FR8Works Web to enter the time, date, shipment expectations and assign a freight carrier.
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FR8Works tracking is built on proximity and milestones. Rather than installing GPS in every truck, we supply Tags with unique identification to the driver and their truck.
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The Tag Interface Module (TIM) can integrate with on-site hardware like gates, scales and more. Only personnel with permissions set for their Tags are allowed on site.

Each event is sent by the TIM to the cloud, logging all actions in real time on the web app.

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With a TIM located at each resource, know what is loaded and when.
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No more weight disputes with touchless scale operation. The driver stays in the truck while loading or unloading and all ticketing and BOLs are automatically uploaded to the cloud.
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With the shipment accounted for at every milestone, you can invoice and collect quickly. No backlog or tedious reconciliations putting strain on your accounting department.

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The Cloud-Based IoT Shipment

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