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FR8Works solutions can utilize an array of hardware depending on the existing infrastructure on site and the specific needs of your industry. Since no two sites look the same, the flexible building blocks allow for easy deployments, so you can start shipping within the FR8Works ecosystem.
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Cloud App

The core of FR8Works. A centralized interface for shipment admin. See shipments complete in real time, capturing all shipping data and configure contracts and set targets.

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Tag Interface Module

The Tag Interface Module (TIM) is a multi-mission lightweight device, that acts as the onsite sentry that collecting shipment data and communicating with the FR8 Cloud.

FR8Works Components Tim Tripod


Your choice of access device integrates drivers and their trucks into the FR8Works workflow without the need for GPS and its ongoing costs. Choose between Bluetooth, RFID Barcode or PIN.

FR8Works Components Tim Tripod

Ticketing Terminal

Keep drivers safe and efficient in their trucks with a terminal at window level. Combine it with a ticket printer and scale for automated information entry, legal-for-trade weights and eBOLs.

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P3 Printer Enclosure

A thermal printer with a secure all-weather enclosure for sites that continue to require physical tickets. Unclaimed tickets are pulled back into the enclosure for later disposal, keeping your site clean.

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