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FR8Works Components Web App

The FR8Works Web Portal is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It acts as the brain of FR8Works aggregating data from onsite sources (Tag Interface Modules or Ticketing Terminals) into actionable real time information for the organization.

The role-based interface supplies each stakeholder in the shipping process a unique login to access the system with configurable levels of permission. The centralized environment allows the management of multiple site plans at once, new sites can be configured quickly.

FR8Works Components - Web App


Delivery records are managed in the cloud. The dashboard updates in real time as trucks pick up their shipments. An automated admin process removes the need for manual paperwork.

FR8Works Components Thumbs Web App CSV Export

CSV Export

The built-in reporting module provides easy access and transferability of shipment data. Export all shipping data with the click of a button for fast and easy invoicing. Filter by time and other particulars.

FR8Works Components - Web App


Material requests – what is needed when – are managed by FR8Works. Better quantify how much material is being delivered and provide insight into how much will be needed in the future.

FR8Works Components Tim Tripod

Dispatch Targets

Make it easier for multi-role partners to manage shipments, ensuring orders are being fulfilled accurately and without error. A daily at-a-glance investigative tool that displays the amount of deliveries.

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