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FR8Works Components Tags

FR8Works lets you choose the access devices that best suits your needs. Access devices communicate with TIMs (Tag Interface Module) or Ticketing Terminals on site to identify the driver and/or truck at each milestone of the shipment.

RFID and Bluetooth is available for sites using the Tag Interface Module. If a site is using the Ticketing Terminal, additional options such of barcodes and PINs can be used. Capacity scaling is always an ongoing concern, that’s why FR8Works is designed so carriers can easily and quickly be added to meet surges in demand for a fraction of the cost of installing and maintaining a GPS system.


  • Each truck has its own Tag identifying capacity and company
  • Each driver has their own Tag tracking loads, site access and contract allotments
  • Site access is based on the Tags used by the driver and/or truck

Without FR8Works

With FR8Works

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