Ticketing Terminal

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FR8Works Components Terminal

The Ticketing Terminal either deployed at a source or destination site, allows organizations to have all the benefits of the FR8Works Cloud for ad hoc shipments. These terminals enable drivers to create or complete a record of shipment within the FR8Works Cloud. Reducing the required labour to administer and process paper tickets.

When combined with the P3 ticket printer and process integration with your scale, the system provides automated ticketing with legal for trade weights, electronic BOL’s and improved site safety. Drivers still get a physical paper ticket for their records, while your organization enjoys all the benefits of digital record keeping in the FR8Works Cloud.

All shipment records and BOL’s can easily be accessed and exported from FR8Works.


  • Built to US DOD MIL-STD 810G and rated to be operational from -40 to +40°C (-40 to +104°F)
  • Integrates with multiple site technologies: gates, scales, lights, valves and more
  • Generates eBOLs and legal-for-trade weight tickets
  • All transactions are updated in the FR8Works Cloud in real time – no paperwork lag

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