Tag Interface Module (TIM)

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The Tag Interface Module (TIM) is the all-weather on-site sentry that communicates shipment data to the FR8 Cloud. The TIM’s integration with your scale makes everything possible. The paperwork process is automated, with weights, identification, and material type automatically recorded. Delivery records are digitized and uploaded to the cloud in real time, eliminating the need for paper tickets.

Automation of the paperwork process and collection of shipping data reduces labour and has the added benefit of increasing site safety. FR8Works keeps drivers moving on site without needing the driver to exit their vehicle, reducing the chance of on-site injuries such as collisions, slips, trips & falls.

Flexible deployment options and integration with your yard allow any site to improve site performance and enable better business administration.

  • Built to US DOD MIL-STD 810G and rated to be operational from -40 to +40°C (-40 to +104°F)
  • Communicates with the FR8Works web app in the cloud via mobile networks or a wired ethernet connection
  • Reduce time on site & maximize scale efficiency
  • Audit any delivery record
  • Drivers stay in the truck
  • Integration with light infrastructure such as Gates, Lights & Valves
  • Remote location deployment

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