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Use Cases

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks, access shipping data in real time and automate the administration process without the need for large capital expenditures with FR8Works. Experience a new level of digitization and shipment administration for your organization. FR8Works integrates with your existing infrastructure, automatically capturing scale weights, providing site access and with the accessibility of cloud technologies, allowing you to access your data from anywhere.

The modular design of FR8Works allows the system to be utilized across industries. Solutions are built using our inventory of hardware to meet your site’s specific needs.

These examples show common use cases and how FR8Works has been providing shipment administration across different industries.

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Remote Site

Away from any services, remote sites are often hard to manage and staff. FR8Works automates site operation and security, making it more accessible and economical to operate.

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Rail Management

Moment by moment, a railyard shifts and changes. With FR8Works automation, know your car counts and where they are in real time. Reduce inefficiency, doubt and human error.

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Short Line

Reduce conflicts on multi-partner shipments, tracking not only every car as it enters and leaves the main lines, but giving each stakeholder clear, consistent and accurate information.

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Cloud Only

Our most-basic solution gives you access to the Web App. While all information must be entered manually, and there is no automation for site infrastructure, paperwork is digitized and eBols generated.