Cloud Only

Using only the FR8Works Web App without adding TIMs, Tags and other hardware elements is the most basic solution offered. Features and auditing capabilities are limited compared to a full deployment. Cloud Only allows a site to digitize their shipping records with no site integration.

Data for scale weights, times and other information is entered manually. Scale weights are read by a site attendant in the scale house who finds a record of shipment previously entered in the Web App, and then enters the new information. The Web App functions solely as a centralized shipment record system with all data dependent on being entered by the users. The benefits of automation – reduced data errors, site safety, and staffing needs – are not available.

Cloud Only
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This can be useful for the small number of shipment terminals that require an eBOL:

  • Cuts down on the time to process manual paper tickets (via CSV Export function)
  • For multiple partners, a login for every shipping partner with verification, with the Web App as a single information source for all partners
  • Sites can upgrade to standard FR8Works at any time by adding TIMs and Tags