Remote Site

FR8Works is ideal for hard-to-staff and manage remote sites. Integration with infrastructure – gates, scales and more – securely manages a site without a physical presence, providing site security via permissions.
Remote Site
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Audit site activity in real time. FR8Works implementations consist of minimal, flexible building blocks. 

Remote sites are often seen in the reclamation and waste management industries with a need to move material from point A to point B on a contract fulfillment basis. These kinds of sites face many challenges including access to infrastructure, minimal overhead, power, staffing, and accurately quantifying in a timely manner how much material has been delivered.

With FR8Works these sites can manage a high volume of transactions with less overhead than the current manual paper ticket system. Configuration is easy; set shipments/weight that must be moved from point A to point B within a given period, select your carriers and watch in real time as your shipment records are updated. Eliminate errors and the headaches of missing, illegible, or fraudulent tickets. Reduce strain on your accounting department and export all your shipping data with the click of a button.

FR8Works alone can provide access logs of who was on your site and when. Combined with your integration with your gate, this can further enhance site security, automatically opening the gate for drivers with the correct permissions.
• Perfect for temporary, waste or remediation jobs.
• Minimal infrastructure is needed on site. (power and network are not necessary on site)
• When integrated with your gate, provides site security with permissions and auditing.
• Reduces the labour involved with processing transactions.

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