Short Line

The need to know where your railcars are, when they arrived, and how long they have been on site, is essential for running an effective short line. FR8Works solutions eliminate the process of manually counting railcars, instead FR8Works captures railcar data in real time as railcars enter or exit the line. Easily access your records from the FR8Works Cloud or export a CSV of your inventory to import into any supported software.

Short Line
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A virtual perimeter is created around your short line utilizing our Tag Interface Module (TIM) combined with an industry standard tag reader. The system captures tag data from every railcar as it enters or leaves the line. With support for multi-partner shipments the system can be expanded down the line. Unique logins and screens are provided for each partner involved in the transaction. This serves as an accurate centralized information source, providing each partner with real-time data.

  • An accurate count of the number of railcars on site, with the manifests generated for every consist.
  • Information in a timely manner – Export your inventory with a click of a button.
  • Spot extra cars that were not ordered and give them back to the rail provider in a timely manner, avoiding extra charges.
  • The system that never gets sick, is always on the job, and provides real time tracking as railcars enter or leave the line.
  • Flag cars for long term storage.
  • Track Dwell time for any railcar.
  • Automate the counting process and free up labour for other tasks.

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