Why FR8Works?

Why FR8Works? Semi Truck Hauling
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Why is Shipment Administration Important?

There is more to shipping than just delivering bulk materials.

Sites manage logistics, ensuring there is material on site and that more will be there to meet demand.

When a shipment arrives, sites traditionally handle the administration associated with receiving material: providing site access and security, deterring fraud and completing paperwork manually for every shipment.

The challenges faced by industry become more apparent and critical the higher the volume of shipments a site moves. How much material is being delivered at any given time has – in the past – been difficult to quantify.

Paper tickets are processed by the accounting department which is a time-consuming task and offers no confirmation to the material and weights delivered. It’s also a process that often doesn’t happen in real time, meaning sites are assessing today’s needs with only historical data.

Why FR8Works? Grain Railway Car
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Why Choose FR8Works?

Every shipping transaction detail is captured by FR8Works: who delivered what, which carrier, where and when it was delivered and the exact weight of the material – all from a verifiable single source and in real time. With FR8Works you only pay for the material delivered.

Shipping data can easily be exported with a click of a button and imported into other apps, reducing the labour required to process your transactions and generate invoices. Know where your payables and receivables are at as they happen.

If there’s an issue with a delivery, know when it happens versus a legacy paper ticketing system where errors could take weeks to notice, if they are caught at all.

FR8Works integrates with gates, lighting, scales and other machinery on your site. Task personnel elsewhere, let FR8Works manage site activities. Reduce driver time on site by keeping them in their trucks and increase safety at the same time. All of it entered in real time into the Web App in the Cloud to reduce errors and ensure accountability.

FR8Works can be utilized for many different industries including waste management, rail car management, oil and gas, construction, and mining. The system’s adaptability allows FR8Works to be installed in accordance with present procedures and customized to meet the demands of a single site or several across the organization. FR8Works, provides a new level of insight into shipping processes with the digitization of records, security, reporting and auditing of your shipment records. FR8Works may be installed in remote locations with challenging conditions and requires little in the way of on-site infrastructure to operate. FR8Works is your best new employee, on the job 24/7, doesn’t get sick or take holidays, flawlessly communicates without error, all while getting the job done in a fraction of the time.

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